This chapter describes the auxiliary classes and definitions of the Imebra library.

The following classes are described in this chapter:

C++ class Objective-C/Swift class Description
imebra::tagId_t ImebraTagId_t Enumerates the known DICOM tags
imebra::ageUnit_t ImebraAgeUnit_t Enumerates the Age units
imebra::tagVR_t ImebraTagVR_t Enumerates the DICOM VRs
imebra::Age ImebraAge Age class
imebra::Date ImebraDate Date class
imebra::imageQuality_t ImebraImageQuality_t Enumerates the image quality
imebra::bitDepth_t ImebraBitDepth_t Enumerates the image bit depths
imebra::drawBitmapType_t ImebraDrawBitmapType_t Enumerates the bitmap types
imebra::directoryRecordType_t ImebraDirectoryRecordType_t Enumerates the DICOMDIR record types
imebra::fileParts_t NSArray List of file path parts
imebra::codecType_t ImebraCodecType_t Enumerates the codec types
imebra::VOIDescription ImebraVOIDescription Hold the VOI description
imebra::vois_t NSArray List of VOIs descriptions
imebra::dimseCommandType_t ImebraDimseCommandType_t Enumerates the DIMSE commands
imebra::dimseCommandPriority_t ImebraDimseCommandPriority_t Enumerates the DIMSE priorities
imebra::dimseStatusCode_t ImebraDimseStatusCode_t Enumerates the DIMSE status codes
imebra::dimseStatus_t ImebraDimseStatus_t Enumerates the DIMSE statuses
imebra::attributeIdentifierList_t NSArray List of attribute identifiers