Security updates: New versions of Imebra DICOM SDK and Imebra for Android

Posted on Oct 22, 2015

Imebra DICOM SDK and Imebra for Android have been updated to the version 20151022-001.

several vulnerabilities have been fixed and it is strongly suggested to update the libraries to the latest version.

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixes #103 (crash in dateHandlerDateTime::getDate when the buffer is empty)
  • Fixes #107 (corrupted jpeg SOS tag causes crash)
  • Fixes #108 (copyFromInt32Interleaved crashes when wrong parameters trigger a reading from invalid memory)
  • Fixes #109 (jpeg subsampling information set to 0 causes crash)
  • Fixes #110 (Out of memory when allocating big images)
  • Fixes #111 (crash while creating huffman table while reading corrupted jpeg files)