Imebra 2016

Posted on Dec 23, 2015

How will Imebra look like in 2016?

The next version of Imebra is taking shape and will come with a renewed C++ API (modelled around the API used for the Android bindings).
The new API also brings several advantages over the old one:

  • simplified usage
  • binary compatibility between minor revisions (yes, pre-compiled binaries for several platforms will finally be available!)
  • unified API across several languages and platforms (Java on Desktop & Android, C++ on Linux, Windows, iOS, OS-X, etc, Python)
  • hides the workhorse from the public view, allowing to perform substantial changes to the engine without breaking compatibility with past versions

The last bullet is particularly important because the source code is in need for a make-over: for now it will not be an eXtremeMakeOver but substantial changes are already present in the still unreleased Imebra 2016 (substantial refactoring allowed to replace the custom shared pointer with std::shared_ptr, a war against “static” and pro “const” is in progress, and improvements are visible all over the code).

With time, the engine in Imebra 2016 will be replaced by a newer and cleaner one, while maintaining the public API unmodified.