Imebra 2015 available for download

Posted on Aug 24, 2015

The first version of Imebra 2015 has been released.

Imebra 2015 is an evolution of Imebra 2013.

It includes several bug fixes & optimizations.
It also features new helper methods for iOS and OS-X.

Changes log:

  • Fixes #87 (Deprecation warnings regarding c++0x standard)
  • Fixes #100 (The VOI/LUT fails when dealing with images with 32 bits per channel)
  • Fixes #101 (The PALETTECOLORToRGB transform returns dark images)
  • Fixes #104 (dataHandlerNumeric::getString always format the number as a double)
  • Use C++ thread class instead of custom one
  • Removed lock from reference counter (made atomic)
  • Converted custom types imbxIntXX and imbxUintXX to C++ standard types std::intX_t and std::uintXX_t
  • Ported tests from QTest to GTest
  • Minor optimizations
  • OS-X and iOS helper methods

Several bug fixes will be back-ported to Imebra 2013 in the following weeks