Open Source C++ Dicom Library

Imebra SDK is an open source C++ library that handles DICOM network messages and DICOM files

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Open source and commercial

Imebra is licensed under GPLv2.

Commercial royalty-free licenses and support are available.

Easy to use

Imebra depends only on standard libraries installed by default on the target Operating System.

Extensive documentation with examples is available.


Written in C++. Compiles with gcc, clang (XCode), Visual Studio on Linux, Windows, iOS, OS-X, Android. Comes with Java bindings on Android (a pre-compiled Jar is available for Android) and Python bindings.

Objective-C wrappers for OS-X and iOS allow to use Imebra with Swift.

DICOM network messages

Use Imebra to implement PACS, Modalities and other Applications that communicate via DICOM messages (DIMSE) over network associations (ACSE).

DICOM files

Imebra SDK reads and writes DICOM and Jpeg files and supplies both high-level and raw access to the data.

Supports compressed (lossy/lossless) and raw images

Decompress the embedded images or convert them to other color formats or bit depth. Supports raw, rle, jpeg baseline and jpeg lossless.

DICOMDIR support

Read and write DICOMDIR files.

Unicode support

Imebra SDK automatically translates Unicode strings to/from multiple DICOM charsets.

The documentation contains a list of requirements that Imebra fulfills.