Imebra DICOM SDK: open source DICOM C++ library (Windows, Linux, iOS, OS-X), Java bindings (Android)

Imebra C++ DICOM SDK is a multiplatform open source C++ DICOM library for Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, OS-X.


Dicom library suitable for open source and commercial applications

The full C++ source code of the library, examples and API documentation are freely available under the GPL-2 license. A commercial license is also available.


The plain C++ source code can be compiled with gcc, clang, Visual Studio.

Imebra Dicom SDK on Mac targeting an iPhone 6

Imebra Dicom SDK on Mac

Helper methods in Objective-C allow to use the library for iOS and OS-X projects targeting iPhone, iPad and Mac pcs.

Imebra Dicom SDK on Android Studio

Imebra Dicom SDK on Android Studio

Java bindings for Android (JNI wrappers) JNI & pre-built libraries for different Android architectures.

Easy to use

The Imebra Dicom C++ library is self-contained and needs only the STL and ICONV libraries on Linux and iOS/OS-X (installed by default). On Windows ICONV is not required.

Extensive documentation and several examples illustrate how to use the library.

The source code is well commented and can be easily extended.

Pre-compiled libraries for Android (with Java bindings) are available for download, while iOS and OS-X projects can use the Objective-C helper methods distributed with the library.

Download source code, documentation, pre-built libraries for Android
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Main features


Technical support and priority bug fixing is provided to buyers of the commercial license or to open source projects.
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